Adamawa is the millennium tourist destination in Nigeria. All major towns in the state are adequately connected to the National Grid and have standard health facilities spread all over the state. There are good catering services provided by both government and private hotels.

The state has a lot of tourist attractions, many cultural festivals like harvest festivals, installation of chiefs, wrestling contest and hunting attracts a sizable number of tourists. It also has historical places of interest like the Lamido's Palace and Some of the wonderful scenes the state is endowed with include:

Elephant House at Guyuk Loca Government Area. 

Gorobi Rock Formation at Mayo-Belwa Local Government Area

Gumti Park: This is part of Gashaka Gumti National Park that shares border with Taraba State. It is a Reserve and harbours all sorts of wild life. 

Kiri Dam: Located near Kiri town and was specifically built to supply the electricity and water needs of Savannah Sugar Company at Numan. On the hilly side overlooking the dam are beautiful structures with modern facilities to accommodate tourist. Apart from irrigation and fishing, the dam is also suitable for boat racing and surfing. 

Koma Hills: it is a beautiful scenery with stone writings and painting of medieval inhabitants of the area called Koma people. The Hills give an insight to their history. 

Mandara Mountains lie in the northeastern part of the state along the Cameroon border, and the Shebshi Mountains rise to Mount Dimlang (6,699 feet [2,042 m]) in the state’s south-eastern portion. Mandara is an ideal place for rock and mountain climbing.

Old Palace of Hamman Yaji at Madagali Local Government Area. 

Ruwan Zafi: Located in Lamurde Local Government Area. Here a hot water gushes out to meet with cold water in a confluence that forms a warm water stream. The area is a tourist attraction and has economic potentials for investors. 

Sassa Water falls at Toungo & Yadim Water falls at Fufore Local Government Area. 

Sukur Kingdom: This is located in Madagali Local Government Area, and has been accredited as world Heritage sites by UNESCO because of its natural exposition of human nature and its preserved structures dating more than 500 years. 

Three Sisters Rocks: They appear in three formations, making beautiful scenery that overlooks the town of song in song Local Government Area. 


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